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    When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.
    Save Your community, Save Your planet

  • Save Your Planet

    Save Your community

    We need to work to provide our children a healthy place to live.

  • Generate

    Solar Energy

    We are star stuff harvesting sunlight.
    Save Your community, Save Your planet

  • Conserve


    You never know the worth of water until the well runs dry.
    Save Your community, Save Your planet

  • Manage

    Your Waste

    Don’t throw it away, it can be used in some other way.
    Save Your community, Save Your planet

Welcome to ARRS

More About Us

The ARRS founding team’s core experience is customer service as they strongly believe that it is necessary to understand and reciprocate customer requirements by providing effective long term innovative solutions as opposed to just providing run of the mill solutions.

We offer a no nonsense approach to what is a complex yet vitally important area of activity for any requirement.

With our extensive knowledge and marketing experience we customize to suit the needs of our customers.

Mission, Vision & Values.

About us

We are dedicated to protect and improve the environment with adequate resources, extensive knowledge and passion to save it at any cost.

Our mission is to protect and improve the environment with adequate resources, extensive knowledge and passion to save it at any cost.
Our vision is to gift our future a sustainable environment where you will be able to harness the best from Mother Nature.
We are innovative, adaptive and open to new ideas. We always challenge and encourage each other to do better.meis

Our Services

What we do

Solar Solutions

India has a broad scope of generating solar energy. The geographical location of India is its benefit for solar power generation. With more than 1 billion people, India is facing a huge energy demand and therefore, solar power is a growing industry in India.

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Our Projects

What have we done

500 KWp with Tracker

We have installed 500 KWp unit with tracker at Madhya Pradesh.

Solar Powered Partial Car

We have intalled the solar powered partial car with 2 Devices and 1 Camera on solar for Highway Patrol Ahmedabad NE-1 project.

Solar Pumps

We have implemented Solar pumps with 2HP/10HP in Rajasthan and Gujarat.


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Frequently asked questions


What happens if it is Cloudy?

Electrical energy is stored in the battery each day, and some of that energy is used to operate the light at night. We at ARRS configure your system so that the battery will operate the light for 3 nights without charging. This means that, even after a series of cloudy days, there will be plenty energy in the battery to power the light each night. Also, please note that the solar panel WILL continue to charge the battery (although at a reduced rate) even when it is cloudy.


How much can I save?

The savings in terms of absolute cost is dependent on:

  • the size of the solar panel that you have installed
  • amount of electricity you would have normally consumed
To give you an idea, a 2kW PV system which is replacing grid electricity at Rs.5.50 / kWh might save Rs.16, 000 / year.


Do we need to turn on / off the light manually?

No. All our solar lighting solutions are equipped with a controller unit that would automatically turn on / off the lights. This is because the solar controller utilizes an internal timer that is pre-set for a specific number of hours to determine when to switch the light off. If the solar controller is set to leave the light on until dawn, it determines when the sun rise (and when to switch the light off) by means of voltage readings from the solar panel array.


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+91 - 9920424305

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